Photographs by Alex Howell

Day 87

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3.06 miles today. Decided to give the New Balance racing flats a go – such a big difference from the Skechers. Had a long day of work ahead of me, so, just did a nice easy 3 miles.


Day 86

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No run – traveling back home and working.

Day 84

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7.76 miles today. Very tough yet fun run. Went up to Moultonborough, NH, to spend some time away from the city. The setting was so idyllic and pretty I definitely wanted to get a good run in. At first Melissa and I tried to go to nearby trail, but as soon as we were out of the car I was swarmed by large deer flies. They weren’t biting me (thank goodness), but the buzzing and constant flying around my head made it unbearable. We went back to the cottage and decided to run along the dirt roads near there. They were very hilly and intense, which coupled with a high level of humidity made for an exhausting, sweaty run.

So hilly!

The flies were also present on the dirt roads, but in much more manageable numbers (it must be their season). At the end of the dirt the road turned to pavement, but I didn’t want to deal with the flies anymore and opted for the asphalt, which was great until I got lost and ended up on Rte 25, an even hillier road that is also very busy with lots of traffic and no sidewalk or shoulder to speak of. Not ideal, but I made it home in one piece.


Day 83

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No run today – traveling to New Hampshire for a little time away from the city.

Day 82

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4.05 miles today. Needed a change of pace, so I drove up to Danvers and ran along their Rail Trail. Really nice run on a hot day. The trail seems to extend to Peabody and other town, so this might be a good candidate for longer runs. Coming up on 8 weeks until the race, need to start going for longer runs.


Day 76

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6.84 miles today. Much warmer, with a bit more humidity, so overall I opted for a slower, steadier pace. There are no water fountains anywhere near Deer Island – I really need to get a small water bottle to run with (which I would truly hate), or just need to hide a bottle somewhere in the bushes for my lap around. Legs and body felt good though – overall a solid run.


Day 75

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3.75 miles today. Arthur finally left the area, so Melissa and I went out for a nice easy run around Deer Island. Temps were pretty much perfect, with the only downside being an intense sea breeze that really slowed me down as I went around the tip of the island. All in all, a really nice day.


Day 73

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No run today. Had a very long night at work, and had to be back earlier than expected today, so no time.

Day 72

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2.67 miles today. Even hotter today, and my schedule didn’t let me get out for a run until around 11. I wanted 4 miles, but started to feel a bit queasy and very tired, so I (wisely, I feel) stopped there and walked home.


Day 71

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3 miles today. Another extremely hot and muggy day. This one felt better than yesterday – I took things a bit easier, and the legs felt strong.


Day 70

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3 miles today. No GPS data, as the watch just wouldn’t connect to satellites. It was very hot and muggy out. I do poorly in extreme mugginess – it just zaps all my energy away.

Day 69

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No run today. Just grilling and chilling.